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prologuesized's Journal

curiosity killed the cat


A socially awkward penguin third year university student residing in the UK [originally from Finland]. You may call me Tanttu, or anything else you can come up with. Does love conversing and talking, but might find difficulties with it. My apologies. I'll do my best, though.

LIKES: akame, fanfiction, clocks, lights, hats, blackcurrant tea, spring, visual things, escapism, blankets, hats, strawberries, books, complexes, photography, girl stuff, curiosity, art, writing, clothes, reading, friends, sunglasses, flowers, symbolism, thinking, music, fandom, lip balm, musical boxes & other small pretty stuff, chocolate, carvings, people, movies & the industry, water, chopsticks, twitter, friends, clubbing, sleeping, ice-cream, liquorice, loving.

i love i love i love i love

twitter: jogurtti
tumblr: thebluepianoknows
formspring: blackcurrant
mydramalist: blackcurrant
nanowrimo: punctuation

i bite only lovebites.

base by okimiyage
picture by prologuesized

LAYOUT by estiloamor

MOODTHEME by okimiyage